Location: Taiwan

A Mediterranean gem in far East Asia. The South Border Design hotel offers a unique experience that combines sport with total relaxation.

The South Border Design Hotel was established in Puding, Kenting (Taiwan), where has beautiful views, big Greek buildings, and friendly people. It's a bit like the song "South of the Border" that Nat King Cole used to sign.

Location: Tuscany | Italy

Located 15 km from the historical Cortona center, Villa Chic combines the style and the coziness in Tuscan countryside. Its location, less than one hour drive from Florence, from the Chianti area and the wine capitals of Montepulciano and Montalcino, from Siena, Pienza, lake Trasimeno, Perugia and Assisi, makes it the perfect getaway for an unconventional stay in Italy. The panoramic view overlooking landscape and the surrounding villages, the birds singing all day long, and the sunsets, will add a memorable taste to it.

Location: Paestum (Sa) | Italy

The sun, the rocks, the trees. And above all, the sea. Four elements that narrate the story of two enchanting residences surrounded by broom thickets and old oak trees.

Location: La Pereda (Llanes) | Spain

Awarded with the Asturias Architectural Prize 2012, and listed as one of the 100 Spain Essentials by MONOCLE magazine, CAEaCLAVELES Hotel is a unique project that combines a five-room-hotel with the art studio-residence of the owner, the artist Emma Fernández Granada.

Situated 4 km away from the seaside, CAEaCLAVELES is a suitable place to rest by the shadow of the silent forests, or to rediscover the North of Spain.

Location: Paris | France

A cosy chic young boutique hotel at the heart of Montmartre.