CAEaCLAVELES — A home integrated in a hill


CAEaCLAVELES is a singular 5 bedroom hotel set in a 8000 m2 land, located in “La Pereda, -Llanes/Asturias-, at North of Spain”, a privileged spot, framed by the orient shore of the mountain chain of “Sierra del Cuera”, a landscape dominated by numerous soft undulations and elevations of the ground. The building adapts itself to this peculiar topography by recreating a hill.

The peculiar topography of the site, its orientation and mountain unobstructed views of Cuera, are the starting points in the design of Emma Fernández Granada artist's residence/studio + countryside bed&breakfast in the Asturian population "La Pereda", in the village of Llanes, Spain.

Conceived as an organic volume that curves itself adapting to the terrain reliefs and developing the interior spaces in relation with the surrounding vegetation. The views of the exterior goes through the glass enclosure of the volume, covered by a concrete slab, that holds the roof garden.

The building open its interiors to the surrounding forests and to the mountain range, in order to offer to the traveler a tourism alternative that promotes the understanding of the natural environment and its conservation.

About the building and the people

Emma Fernández is a plastic artist from Gijón (Asturias, Spain), who has created the house of her dreams and her workshop where she used to go on holidays, in the middle of the amazing landscape of Asturias.


Llanes is a paradise for those who are fond of walking, those for whom their two legs are more than enough to devour kilometers on earth or grass. As it is also for those who love cycling, seeing that spaces co-exit on many of the pathways for cyclist and walkers.

The region is part of the Costa Verde (Green Coast) of Spain, which is known for its spectacular coastal scenery, with 32 white sand beaches, and mountains covered with a deep green mantle. Llanes lies to the north of the Picos de Europa, a mountain range whose geology is almost entirely of limestone karst.


Price range per night: From 99 to 139 euro according to room and season
Number of rooms: 5
Capacity per room: 2-3 people
Self-catering: No
Restaurant: Only for guests
Family-friendly: No specific facilities for families. Only bookings of families with children older than 8 years old are possible, unless they book the whole building.
Customized guide for clients: Yes
Pets allowed: No
Free Wifi: Yes
Multilingual staff: English / French / Spanish
Payment methods accepted: Cash / Visa / Mastercard / Maestro / V Pay / Union Pay / Servired

Location: La Pereda (Llanes) | Spain