Southborder Design Hotel — A Mediterranean gem in far East Asia.


Pure white, simple, comfortable, no pressures. The square structure is complemented by arc lines; like a breath of breeze blowing from the Mediterranean, it is cozy but gently soothing our anxious souls. When the Sun Spilling gold, you'll be awoken by the fresh grass smell and sunny ocean fragrance; then, you'll realize this is not the dream of Greece but the real Kenting.

Four mediterranean style buildings sit next to each other, Twelve one-of-a-kind rooms highlight the simply space character with nine unique colors. South Border DeSign HoteL gives more imagination to the characters in Haruki Murakami's novel, and turned them into a pleased leisure holiday in Kenting.

The South Border Design Hotel lies on a peaceful grassy hill, overlooking the sea.

The hotel offers common areas of relaxation such a small swimming pool, a viewing platform and a daze pavilion.

But if you want to go downtown, the hotel also offers complimentary shuttle service, with several trips daily to Kenting Street and beach.

About the building and the people

Wei who is the Southborder Hotel's owner. He comes from North of Taiwan and he is passionate about surfing and Kenting, so he decided to stay in Kenting and open this Mediterranean Hotel 10 years ago.


Southborder Hotel located at Puding grass area, near Eluanbi light house.

The Kenting National Park is the Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park, covering the southernmost area of the Taiwan island along Bashi Channel, in the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County, Taiwan.


Price range per night: Depending on the season, between 71 euro to 166 euro per night
Number of rooms: 12
Capacity per room: From 18 sqm to 47 sqm for 1 or 2 person
Self-catering: No
Restaurant: Only breakfast, which is included in the price of the room.
Family-friendly: Yes, baby bath is offered
Customized guide for clients: Guided tours are offered with special prices for guests
Pets allowed: No
Free Wifi: Yes
Multilingual staff: English / Mandarin
Payment methods accepted: Paypal, cash and wire transfer

Location: Taiwan